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Added: 2019-06-24 09:33, Author: st, Category: Hardware


Projects and new hardware for classic Amiga

The new software for Amiga appears very rare, but new extensions and equipment for classic machines... we have a plenty of them. Let's take a look on what we have and what should be in the future:

1. Polish firm Archi-Tech works on turbo card with 68030/50 MHz and 64MB RAM for Amiga 600.


2. Matthias 'DJBase' Münch published next projects of layer boards, lots of them are dedicated for classic Amiga.

3. Multifix-AGA - it is a project of flickerfixer for the "big" Amiga (2000, 3000 i 4000), which has been created by Matthias Heinrichs.

4. Company Individual Computers updated software (firmware) of Buddha controller and already announced a new version "Anniversary Edition".

Kontroler Buddha

5. On GitHub we could find a project of OpenAmiga600FastRamExpansion, extension 4MB RAM for Amiga 600.

6. Users of turbo card ACA500 could print a special case using 3D printer.

7. Polish firm Retro 7-bit offers a new product card Wicher CDTV for Amiga CDTV. This card contains up to 8MB FAST RAM (SDRAM) and IDE disc controller.

8. Adam Eberbach on GitHub works on mechanical keyboard for A1200.

9. Furia card for A600 has received a new firmware: Furia_EC020.jed (2K version) or Furia_EC020.jed (4K version).

10. You could preorder a new graphic card for Zorro II/III - ZZ9000, successor of VA2000. Price - 299 euro.


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