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Two demoscene parties in 2019: Revision and Decrunch

Two demoscene parties in 2019: Revision and Decrunch

We have the half of 2019. And we could say, that demoscene was one of the rare places, where we had lots of interesting points. Here you could see Amiga productions prepared for two parties: Revision (19 - 22.4.2019, Germany) and Polish Decrunch (14-16.6.2019, Wrocław).

  • the_eye-made
  • Enter-The-Abyss-Fade_One
  • King_For_A_Day-Facet_and_Magic
  • Life_And_Death_Of_A_Gnome-Exocet


Amiga Demo

1st place - "Eon", The Black Lotus

2nd place - "De Profundis", Lemon. and Oxygene and The Deadliners

3rd place - "Knarkzilla", Ephidrena and Kvasigen and Loonies

Amiga Intro competition won by "Goon Royale" by Spaceballs

Oldskool 4k Intro - Amiga production took second place - "Don't Be Square" by Loonies

The first four places in category Oldskool Graphics took by Amiga graphics - these pictures are visible in attached gallery.


CategoriesAmiga Demo - 1st place = "Downslope" made by The Electronic Knights

The best in the category Amiga Pixel Graphics was picture Dreamland made by Joka/Dreamweb, cattegory Amiga Tracked Music has been won by LiSU / Tristesse and his song Ty mówisz raz?

Category Executable Music - here the first place on Decrunch 2019 was took Voicer/Nah-Kolor with his module "Last Minute". Raytraced Graphics - here the winner was Comankh/Agony Design with picture "Queen Suxa".

Queen Suxa - Comankh

And a small surprise on the end. Wild Demo Compo in Wrocław. MDW/Encore released video material showing his unfinished demo PowerPC "Morphilia" for Amiga system MorphOS and he took second place in this category.

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