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Added: 2019-05-11 08:51, Author: mp, Category: Emulation


AmiKit XE

AmiKit XE

AmiKit. We don't have to introduce this package. Half year ago we described version 10.5. Yesterday (10.5.2019) the new version AmiKit XE (it means 11) has been released. Thanks to Jan Zahurancik we had opportunity to check it before official premiere. Let's take a look what is inside.

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Most important changes: support for AmigaOS 3.1.4, Amiga Forever 8 and now version of Picasso96 (marked as 2.4). There is a default theme called "modern retro", which we can tread as a heritage of Workbench 1.2.

We are receiving new versions of well known programs and applications and also some new things, like the "Barbarian+" game. In the background there is the newest WinUAE. AmiKit, as usual, needs to have Kickstarts to start working. Just want to mention, that Amiga Forever is detected by AmiKit (and attached ROMs could be very easy assigned), so you just have to choose a proper option during installation. AmiKit team listens to critical voices and I like it. In my review I mentioned, that there are issues during switching between Windows and AmiKit - now it works fine. The same with the proper handling of Polish signs in browser - now we have as default. Perfect!

The short test sessions and taking a look at content and we could tell you, that we don't have a revolution. It is just evolution. We have a next version of very good Amiga "package", which is good solution especially for beginners. As usual, everything is already configured and installed and... it just have a nice look and works properly.

It is not a last word. Together with new version of AMiKit XE (11) we could buy Crystal USB, which in fact changes your laptop in A.L.I.C.E. You could order it on "glass" pendrive. It is just a light Linux distribution, based on AmiPUP 8.5.1 created by Ken Lester. Flower Pot installer of AmigaOS 4.1 FE emulator has been also updated into a new version.

Update to version XE for AmiKit X users costs 19.95 euro.

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