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Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike

Bridge Strike is a arcade game made by Project R3D, which took second place in GameDev competition on RetroKomp in Gdańsk. Take a control over the fighter plane and become a hero! You are our last hope!

Game will be available in April 2019, but you could order it right now. Costs: 17 euro plus shipping (or 14 ero plus shipping - version without floppy disks and a poster). This edition includes:

  • CD with a game,
  • colored printed manual,
  • DVD box with coloured cover,
  • foil for box,
  • sticker 7 x 10 cm,
  • two stickers for floppies,
  • two DD floppy disks with the game,
  • coloured poster in A3 format.

The game is made using old-school pixel graphic, various and exacting missions, beautiful music and chip-tune fx. It contains various area of fight, variable weather and number of enemies types.

Requirements: OCS, processor 14 MHz, 1 MB Chip, 1 MB Fast

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